Big Hole fishing at its best.

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Fantastic property along one of the West’s most amazing fisheries. The Big Hole is a gorgeous river. The first 30 miles of this 140 miles long river gathers speed and pours through a tight conifer forest boiling over huge boulders then drops rapidly south, ¬†widening as it escapes the tall canyon just past Divide, Montana rolls by Melrose then past the tiny town of Glen then suddenly turning north to join the Beaverhead in Twin Bridges.

Spring, when the run-off allows, the river fishes very well with streamers and large stonefly nymphs. Mid-May is when the famous salmon fly nymphs begin to become active before their early June hatch which starts in the lower stretches near Twin Bridges. The prolific hatch then continues upriver and by mid-June, they have reached the upper stretches of the river.

Browns and Rainbows with the common fish measuring around 14 inches and the larger fish in the 18 to 22-inch range.

As summer progresses, the prominent flies are, in chronological order, Caddis, PMD, Yellow Sallie, Brown Drake, Golden Stone and then Spruce Moth.

August brings lower water levels and great grasshopper fishing, especially from Melrose downstream.

The fish population of the Big Hole is around 50/50 Browns and Rainbows with the average fish measuring around 14 inches and the larger fish in the 18 to 22 inch range. Monsters, mostly shocked by DFG shocking counts, have reached the 25 lb. class.

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