The dangers of overpricing your home are more important than one can realize.
The two major factors are;

  1. it can decrease the number of interested buyers and
  2. more importantly increase the days on the market.

Each day that your home sits on the market it can become shopworn from prospective buyers and it costs you money in interest on your current mortgage.

A study was conducted by the National Association of Realtors in 2012 when a buyer perceives the value as a fair market, 95% of buyers that are looking for a similar property will be interested in the property. In the same scenario if the property is perceived to be 20% over┬áthe fair market value only 20% of interested buyers will look at the property. That is a huge gap of buyers that you’re missing out on if you overprice your property. Many factors go into pricing your home; the amount of inventory in your neighborhood, the condition of your property, location and design of your home. All of these factors play vital roles in pricing your property, as real estate professionals we have the expertise, knowledge of current trends in the real estate environment and the latest sold comparable for your area. All of these factors allow us to give you the best market value for your home.

The most effective strategy to get the most for your home is the have the most prospective buyers interested in your home. The closer to market value a property is listed for the most appeal to prospective buyers.

Wendy Peterson

Wendy Peterson is a Broker with Beaverhead Home & Ranch Real Estate. The philosophy that Wendy has worked by in her real estate career remains the same throughout the changing markets – service to her clients is her number one priority. Wendy believes that the first and foremost role of a Realtor is to guide clients along the complicated and sometimes stressful road to successful purchases and sales. When Wendy has been able to assist her clients in obtaining their goals, then she feels that her job has been satisfactorily completed. People will always need to purchase and sell real estate and Wendy will continue to strive to help them face any challenges that come along during that process. In her spare time, she enjoys riding and training horses and giving horseback riding lessons, reading, and hiking.

Contact Wendy at or direct at 406-925-3022.

Chance Bernall

Chance Bernall

Chance Bernall is a Montana native who moved to Dillon in 1999. He attended college at the University of Montana Western on a rodeo scholarship and is a two-time Big Sky Region Calf Roping Champion; two-time Northern Rodeo Association Champion; and five-time Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit qualifier. He also ran a successful horseshoeing business during college. Chance and his wife Cori are the proud parents of four daughters: Reagan, Collins, Nora, and Clara Sue. Chance became a licensed real estate broker at age 25 and is currently an active investor with direct experience in income property, new construction, and bare land development. While affiliated with Prudential Montana Real Estate, Chance was the recipient of the 2009, 2010 and 2011 Prudential President's Circle Award and the 2012 Prudential Chairman's Circle, which is the top 1% Nationwide. Chance specializes in farm and ranch real estate and in 2021 represented the Matador Cattle Company in the historic sale of the Beaverhead Ranch, which to date is the largest ranch sale in Montana history in terms of both size and price. Chance's hobbies include hunting, fishing and anything involving horses. Contact Chance at or call 406-925-1988